Alkaloids Corporation, India
Celebrating 50 years
Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients
Name of the Product CAS # Therapeutic Use DMF/CEP Availability GMP Certification
Ajmaline 4360-12-7 Anti-arrhythmic agent NA NA
Artemether Int. Ph. 71963-77-4 Anti-malarial NA Available
Atracurium besylate 64228-79-1 For Neuromuscular blocking Under Preparation Available
Cimetropium Bromide 51598-60-8 Treatment of IBS DMF Available KFDA, WHO
Colchicine BP/Ph.Eur./USP 64-86-8 Management of Gout DMF Available US FDA, TGA, WHO, WC
Deferasirox 201530-41-8 Oral Iron chelator Available WHO and WC
Digoxin Ph.Eur./USP 20830-75-5 For congestive cardiac failure CEP Available EU,US FDA, WHO, WC
Hyoscine Ph. Eur. 51-34-3 For Motion sickness DMF Available WHO
Hyoscine Butylbromide BP/Ph.Eur. 149-64-4 Anti-spasmodic for lower abdomen CEP Available US FDA, PMDA,TGA, WHO, WC
Noscapine BP/Ph.Eur. 128-62-1 Anti-tussive DMF Available WHO, WC, PMDA
Noscapine Hydrochloride BP/JP/Ph.Eur. 912-60-7 Anti-tussive DMF Available WHO, WC, PMDA
Papaverine Hydrochloride BP/Ph.Eur./USP 61-25-6 Anti-spasmodic DMF Available WHO, WC
Reserpine BP/USP 50-55-5 Anti-hypertensive DMF Available WHO
Scopolamine Hydrobromide Trihydrate USP/Ph.Eur 6533-68-2 For Motion sickness DMF Available US FDA, TGA, WHO, WC
Methscopolamine Bromide USP 155-41-9 Treatment of peptic ulcer DMF Available US FDA, WHO
Thiocolchicoside IP/FP/Ph.Eur. 602-41-5 Muscle relaxant DMF Available WHO, WC