Alkaloids Corporation, India
Celebrating 50 years
Phytochemicals (Other than APIs)
Name of the Product CAS # Use
Andrographolide 5508-58-7 For preparing anti-viral compounds
Asiaticoside 16830-15-2 Cosmetic
Betulinic acid 472-15-1 For preparing anti-HIV compounds
Camptothecin 7689-03-4 Intermediate for Irinotecan & Topotecan
Curcumin 458-37-7 Anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory
10-Deacetylbaccatin-III 32981-86-5 Intermediate for Docetaxel and Paclitaxel
Forskolin 66575-29-9 Nutraceutical
5-hydroxy tryptophan (5-HTP) 4350-09-8 Dietary supplement used as antidepressant, appetite suppressant and sleep aid
Lysergol 602-85-7 Intermediate for Nicergoline
Pongamol 484-33-3 In cosmetics as sun-screen
Scopine Hydrochloride 85700-55-6 Intermediate for Tiotropium Bromide