Alkaloids Corporation, India
Celebrating 50 years
Name of the Product CAS # Use
Asiaticoside 16830-15-2 Anti-ageing,Revitalizing, Wound healing
Caffeine (Natural) - Reduces oxidative stress
Centella asiatica Extract (90-95%) - Anti-ageing, Moisturizing, Reduces stretch-marks and scars
Centella asiatica Extract 80% (Water soluble) - Anti-ageing, Hydrating, Soothing
AKBA 30-90% (Boswellia serrata Extract) 67416-61-9 Anti-inflammatory and Anti-bacterial
Bakuchiol 10304-37-2 Natural retinol, soothes sensitive skin, anti-ageing, evens out skin tone
Pongamol 484-23-3 Protects skin from UV damage, Sun- screen, Hydrates sun burnt skin
Pterostilbene 537-42-8 Sun screen, Protection from UV rays, Anti-ageing, Evens out skin tone
Rosmarinic acid 90% 20283-92-5 Anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial
Rosehip Extract - Anti-ageing and brightening
Ursolic acid 50% 77-52-1 Anti-inflammatory and Anti-ageing